Why use a celebrant? – Using a celebrant offers you the freedom of choice in all aspects of your day. You are free to use a wedding location of your choice, select a time and day of the week that you prefer, create your own ceremony theme and wording as well as include individual content that gives your celebration a uniquely personalised feel.

Is my ceremony legally binding? – No, if you wish to ensure that your marriage is recognised legally in the UK, it would be necessary for you to book an appointment with your local registry office and adhere to the legal procedures. This can be done for a minimal cost and some couples choose this to be a very low-key affair, with the true celebration of their wedding day being the one they have personally planned with their celebrant.

Can I choose a theme for my wedding? Yes, some couples prefer to have a favourite theme for their chosen ceremony, aspects of which can be incorporated into the ceremony, with a dress code of your choice. From Star Wars to the more traditional, the choice is yours.

Can I get married in a location of my choice?Yes, a celebrant is not required to use licenced premises and is therefore able to work with you to ensure that the location of your choice is achievable. The only requirement is permission from the landowner, where this is necessary. It is possible to marry on a beach or in a public area of your choice, although this leaves your ceremony open to the unlikely potential of all passers by becoming guests!

Can I choose my own wording for the ceremony or is there a script –Whilst there may be elements that are familiar to most ceremonies, the way in which these are presented is extremely personal. A Celebrant is able to prepare a ceremony with all, some or none of the traditional format, in a most personal way that reflects how you wish to share your day, and how you see your relationship and your future together. Various special elements such as hand binding and jumping the broom can also be included if desired.

Can I get married on any day of the week and at a time of my choice? – Yes, a celebrant is not restricted by ‘office hours’ and the timings of the ceremony can be very flexible.

How long is the ceremony? – Each ceremony is individually prepared and therefore the timings may vary depending on your choice of content.