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Another aspect of taking responsibility around the matter of passing over, is the provision of leaving instruction on what is to happen to your body and to consider how it is to be disposed of, which is all part of our end of life preparations.

You may choose to have a ceremony, feeling it would be supportive for your family and friends to have a closing celebration – A time to reflect on your qualities and the richness of the life that you have shared together.

You may choose not to have a ceremony, in which case, clear instruction of how your body is to be disposed of can be incorporated into your will, although sometimes, the will may not be read until after the funeral, so it is wise to ensure your family/friends know your wishes, or you may leave them in a place that an allocated person is made aware of.

One option is a ‘direct cremation’, which means that your body is taken to the crematorium privately, either by your family of by a funeral director, no ceremony is held and your body is cremated. You may choose a burial, in which case how and where you wish this to be conducted should all be recorded and made known.

Arrangements for what is to happen with your ashes must also be considered – again it is beneficial to leave clear instruction on how this is to be carried out.

Note- human ashes contain a high level of phosphates, calcium, potassium, and sodium and require care in their disposal – they can be harmful to some plant and sea life. No point in being responsible in the preliminary preparations, only to be irresponsible in the final part of your disposal.

There is an upcoming trend for families to have ashes made into jewellery or even have them placed in tattoo ink. If it is not your wish for your remains to be used in this way, it should be clearly stated in your will and made know to those around you. Whether you wish to donate your Organs or not, is another area where your wishes should be clearly recorded and made known to those close to you.

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