Planning a wedding? Planning your wedding day may be a bit daunting, and you may or may not have a sense of how you wish your day to be.

Choosing a civil celebrant to present your wedding ceremony, releases you from many, if not all of the usual restrictions and limitations that are bestowed upon you, when deciding such things such as the content of your marriage ceremony and indeed the location you may wish to choose for your matrimony to begin.

Wedding venues that are licenced to hold marriages, with a Registrar officiating the ceremony, must adhere to certain rules, which could be perceived as restrictions, when you are planning your personal wedding ceremony. For example a registrar has a scripted and generic ceremony, which is not able to include any religious or spiritual content – some of which you may wish to include, as your own personal philosophies are an important part of your commitment.

Why choose an Independent Celebrant?

In choosing to use an independent celebrant to host your ceremony, you are able to personally choose the content and all the elements of your own wedding ceremony, including the writing of your own marriage vows. Thus designing a wedding ceremony that is tailor-made for you, including words and themes that are both special and have personal meaning to you both.

You also have the freedom to choose a wedding location that is special to you, and one which best suits the chosen ambiance for your day.

When using the services of a celebrant, your chosen place is not required to be licenced, so your wedding venue could be the place where you first met, a beautiful location that you love to visit, a favourite restaurant, a beautiful meadow, a wooded area or beach or even in your own home and garden.

If you wish to ensure that your ceremony has all the legal requirements for marriage in the United Kingdom, it would be necessary for you to book a marriage at your local registry office. This can be done very simply and cheaply (usually around £45) and many couples choose this to be a very casual experience, as a means of ticking the boxes, to then have their chosen personalised marriage ceremony with a celebrant, either later the same day, or within a few days.

I look forward to working with you, and being part of ensuring that your wedding day is a very special and personal experience for you to share with your family and friends.